Teaching The World About God's Generals

Roberts Liardon is an amazing man of God. Liardon preached his first sermon at age thirteen, carrying on a family tradition started by his grandfather. When he was young, he met evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman and received a prophecy from God about a "calling on his life." Amazingly, Roberts Liardon started lecturing at colleges and universities when he was 15. In addition, he started his own radio show and built one of the fastest growing churches in the country.

Today, he heads Roberts Liardon Ministries, a global crusade that reaches millions of people. Liardon Ministries supplies food, clothing and medical assistance in many needy areas. The ministry helped to start the first AIDS prevention campaign in Namibia public schools. To learn how to partner with the ministry, visit www.robertsliardon.us. Additionally, Liardon helped build over five accredited Bible Colleges around the world, and has sent over five hundred people on mission trips. Along the way, Liardon became interested in the history of Pentacostal and Charismatic movements in this country. Liardon refers to historical religious figures as "God's Generals." He is recognized as a leading authority on this subject and has a rare collection of church memorabilia. The collection includes rare books, films, voice recordings, and personal effects of some of his heroes.


Of course, Liardon writes about the woman who touched his life, Kathryn Kuhlman. Kuhlman learned about God at an early age and dedicated her life to the ministry when she was a teenager. She is credited with being one of a few ministers who led the country, after World War I, in what is called, "The Charismatic Renewal." Charismatic Christians believe that God's mercy is available to people through baptism. On the other hand, Pentecostal Christians recognize speaking in tongues as spiritual baptism. Liardon writes about John Alexander Dowie who preached at the turn of the century. Dowie, known as the healing Apostle of the late 19th century, stirred up religion by speaking of divine healing and repentance. He continued to preach despite mounting persecution against him.

Billy Graham is featured as one of God's Generals. Graham is known for his crusades that took place in over 185 countries and Roberts Liardon Ministries territories. He preached to over two-hundred million people during his career. Graham used television, video, film, literature and webcasts to spread the gospel. Liardon says Graham is one of the greatest evangelists to ever live. "God's Generals is now a weekly series on GOD TV. Each week, Liardon narrates the story of one of history's great religious leaders. Some people may think that Liardon belongs on the list of God's Generals.

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